Somerset House Studios

Welcome to Somerset House Studios, a hub for contemporary art, culture, and creativity in the heart of London.

Located in the historic Somerset House, the studios are home to a vibrant community of artists, designers, musicians, and other creative professionals.

The studios offer a range of facilities and resources to support artists, including studios, rehearsal spaces, and audio-visual equipment.

The Somerset House Studios also host various events and exhibitions throughout the year, showcasing the work of established and emerging artists.

One of the highlights of Somerset House Studios is the annual Studio Week.

This four-day event celebrates the work of the resident artists and their collaborators.

The event features a range of exhibitions, installations, performances, and talks, providing visitors with a unique glimpse into the creative process.

Admission to Somerset House Studios is free, although some events and exhibitions may have an admission fee.

The studios are open to the public during certain events and exhibitions and by appointment.

If you need more time, check out the studios’ highlights tour, which takes you through some of the most celebrated works and spaces.

Alternatively, you can explore the studios at your own pace with an audio guide.

In addition to its role as a hub for creativity, Somerset House Studios also offer a range of workshops and events for the public, providing opportunities to learn new skills and engage with the creative community.

In conclusion, Somerset House Studios is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in contemporary art, culture, and creativity.

With its vibrant community of artists, range of facilities and resources, and exciting events and exhibitions, the studios are a true cultural gem in the heart of London.

So whether you’re a professional artist or simply curious, visiting Somerset House Studios will surely be a highlight of your trip.


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